Glenna Luschei

Glenna Luschei is a remarkable person. After living in Columbia for several years, she became interested in Spanish and Latin American poetry. Maybe she hasn’t ‘lived a hundred years inside a knife’ or seen souls of the dead drawn to the flute sounds of winter in the upper Midwest on swirling white nights on the prairie. But then again, maybe she has. She does not repent of surrealism or any other flights of the mind.

Once Glenna said, “I live by runes, not rules.” How lucky we are she threw down the stones and summoned the force to launch a poetry journal in 1967, Café Solo. The name means “straight black coffee, no sugar, no cream.” She wanted to publish poetry free of the tropes of the day. The journal is still going strong under the name, Solo Novo.
Gratitude to you, Glenna. You showed us what one person can do with a kitchen table and an idea. You are our inspiration.

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